Episode 27 – JFK

Josh and Matthew discuss the various conspiracy theories surrounding the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, attempting to close the fifty-one year-old case. Matthew strongly implies that Ashleigh Young knows more than she is letting on, as fulfilment of a pledge on his fundraiser, whilst Josh tries to curb Matthew’s rampant ego.

Episode 26 – The Book Launch

In what is a very indulgent episode (the second in a row), Matthew and Josh broadcast “live” from the launch of “The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories” at the not-very-historic Time Out Bookshop in Mt. Eden, Auckland. Topics include the North Head Tunnels Conspiracy Theory, Watergate, Dirty Politics, the Assassination of JFK and Isaac and his cancer-causing mindrays.

Episode 25 – Mattstravaganza

Josh decides to indulge Matthew’s massive (and still growing) ego and leads a discussion about Matthew’s recent TEDxChristchurch talk, his new book and the successful PledgeMe campaign to send Matthew on a return trip to Miami in March of next year. It’s the Podcaster’s Guide to the Conspiracy Theory Theorist!