Episode 23 – #gamergate

Not popular enough to get invited to the decent parties,Josh and Matthew decide that the only way to fame or notoriety is by discussing the morass of conflicted, mostly bigoted views of the #gamergate community. Listen to Matthew defend the term “social justice warrior”. Hear Josh talk about white heterosexual males. Be surprised by just how awful their impressions of Winston Churchill can be!


Just a quick note for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter (@HORansome) that I was on 95bFM’s Showtunes last night talking about my PledgeMe campaign with Mohamed Hassan. Listen in (again) below.

Conspiracy Round-up 19-10-14

It seems like I haven’t written one of these posts for a while, and seeming is reality, since I haven’t. I guess I’ve been too busy being on placement in a primary school and driving friends and family away with my constant call for pledges on my crowdfunding campaign.

Do you use lightbulbs? Do you find it annoying that they just don’t seem to last? Well, even if you don’t, you might find this article on a conspiracy to ensure lightbulbs give out earlier than they need to quite interesting.

The death of Michael Hasting’s continues to resonate throughout a certain part of the conspiracy theory sub-culture. Here someone links Hastings to investigations into ISIL/ISIS and Swiss Bank Accounts.

As someone who advocates the teaching of critical thinking skills, the following report on vaccine denialism is depressing: sometimes using evidence-based arguments to persuade people works against you.

People are always slightly surprised when I say that Naomi Wolf’s latter work is conspiratorial in a way that doesn’t seem very evidence-based. This piece from Vox goes into some detail of Wolf’s “I’m just stating my opinions!” way of trying to get away with the kind of murmuring we rightly chide Alex Jones and Glenn Beck for engaging in.

Is Stevie Wonder blind? It’s very suspicious… (apparently).