Episode 28 – A stopped cock never rings twice

Sometimes conspiracy theorists get it right, but is that by accident or is it by design? What are we to make of David Icke’s claims about extensive paedophile rings in the UK, given Operation Yewtree? What about Ian Wishart and the Winebox Inquiry? If they were right about that one thing, what should we make of what else they claim?

Episode 27 – JFK

Josh and Matthew discuss the various conspiracy theories surrounding the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, attempting to close the fifty-one year-old case. Matthew strongly implies that Ashleigh Young knows more than she is letting on, as fulfilment of a pledge on his fundraiser, whilst Josh tries to curb Matthew’s rampant ego.

Episode 26 – The Book Launch

In what is a very indulgent episode (the second in a row), Matthew and Josh broadcast “live” from the launch of “The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories” at the not-very-historic Time Out Bookshop in Mt. Eden, Auckland. Topics include the North Head Tunnels Conspiracy Theory, Watergate, Dirty Politics, the Assassination of JFK and Isaac and his cancer-causing mindrays.