Articles of Note

At the beginning of the year I was in New Plymouth keeping someone special company (not that I was, admittedly, the best thing ever, at the time). Whilst accompanying and working on my thesis I had recourse to browse old copies of the daily papers, which is where I found these `beauties.’ I shall pass no comment upon, just present them as they are:

(Big files, thus you are warned by this upcoming `More’ tag…)

A Cybernated Utopia Is On The Way - Taranaki Herald (29-11-1967)

Boy In Haircut Row - Taranaki Herald (29-11-1967)

Glue Sniffing - It Gets You Drunk (Taranaki Herald - 25-08-1962)

Strange Creatures In The Hills Of Coromandel - Taranki Herald (05-02-1952)

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