Thesis Deadline

Well, here’s my provisional timetable for completing the thesis.

4th of May – The ‘Curious Tension’ chapter (in complete draft form).

10th of July – Conspiracy Theories as Explanations chapter (in complete draft form).

4th of December – Inference to a Conspiracy chapter (in complete draft form).

5th of March – Conclusion (in complete draft form).

7th of July – Submit thesis. Celebrate birthday a day later.

To quote Ghandi, “Let’s rock on!”

About Matthew Dentith

Author of "The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories" (Palgrave Macmillan), Matthew Dentith wrote his PhD on epistemic issues surrounding belief in conspiracy theories. He is a frequent media commentator on the weird and the wonderful, both locally and internationally. On occasion he can be caught dreaming about wax lions but, mostly, it is rumoured he works for elements of the New World Order.

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  1. I can’t find any contact details on your site, so I’m posting this instead. Many moons ago I wrote and presented a BBC programme on conspiracies which you have been kind enough to quote from. Could you please drop me an email? I’d like to make you a cup of tea.

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