A Conspiracy Week of Tweets 2010-08-22

  • Somedays you have to get ready for lunch by finding out whether there is truth to the rumours about Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell. #
  • The course I helped develop, PHIL105 – Critical Thinking, has a twitter feed @phil105auckland Huzzah! #
  • Yay, no \foonote issues in this document. Off to Media 7 I go. #
  • Should I be worried that my eye lashes are falling out? #
  • Faulty external harddrive, trubles UoA websites and rain. Today, my friends, needs a pizza injection, stat. #

About Matthew Dentith

Author of "The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories" (Palgrave Macmillan), Matthew Dentith wrote his PhD on epistemic issues surrounding belief in conspiracy theories. He is a frequent media commentator on the weird and the wonderful, both locally and internationally. On occasion he can be caught dreaming about wax lions but, mostly, it is rumoured he works for elements of the New World Order.