The Christchurch Quake Conspiracy (plural) – Part Three – HAARP

HAARPing on about the weather1

Another installation which has been blamed for the Christchurch earthquake of September 4th is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) installation in Alaska. HAARP, according to Wikipedia, is:

an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Its purpose is to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance purposes (such as missile detection).

although conspiracy theorists, like former wrestler and governor, Jesse Ventura, think that it is an above top secret weather control system and part of a geo-engineering effort run by the global elite. Aotearoa’s own Clare Swinney, one of the country’s leading conspiracy theorists2, agrees with him.

One of the chief tools of the geo-engineering elite is said to be the HAARP installation in Alaska, which, I am told, is based upon technologies developed by Nikola Tesla over a hundred years ago. Whilst the stated purpose of HAARP is the refinement of radio and satellite technologies, the real purpose, according to people like Swinney, is weather control for the overall purpose of population manipulation and the eventual installation of a One World Government.

Like the LHC conspiracy theories, the HAARP equivalents are examples of explanatory hypotheses only the “awakened” truly comprehend. The awakened are those people (although not those of us who are reading this post with approval) who have seen the connections between all things and realised the scary truth of what is really happening. Those of us who approve of blog entries such as this, are “sleepers;” we accept what the “mainstream media” say and trust in the words of scientists and other supposedly “qualified” experts whose goals are the dissemination of disinformation3.

Most of us are sleepers and have not yet awakened; we are not aware that there are people, out there in the world, who are manipulating the environment to subdue and control us.

Now, once again, the kind of people who believe this also tend to deny that Anthropogenic4 Climate Change is occurring (as mentioned previously).

Now, I find it a little hard to take the LHC and HAARP theories all that seriously; whilst there is a possibility that scientists, in their scientific research installations, are out to get us, it is a slight one (and, let us face it, I’d rather it was mad scientists than cunning politicians).

However, conspiracy theorists, like Swinney, can detect that particular “natural” phenomena have been induced by acts of geo-engineering. Over at Issues That Matter Most5 some of the citizens-cum-denizens seem to be able to tell that the Christchurch quake was engineered because it feels unnatural.

The awakened can do this because they can detect… Oh, I was about to say “disturbances in the Force” but I can’t pull that off without making it the subject of my self-deprecating wit. Anyway, the awakened can detect the difference between a natural disaster and an unnatural and induced act of seismic activity, in the same way that they can see that the clouds that surround them are not natural6. Now, I’m no connoisseur of quakes7 but I’m fairly sure that even if I were, I’d find it hard to distinguish between a quake which was artificially produced and one that was entirely natural. The end result, presumably, is the same: the Earth moves!8. To know anything else, well, I’d need to be a seismologist.

Now, perhaps I should give the conspiracy theorists some credit here; one of the ways you can apparently distinguish between a natural quake and the artificial alternative is by the mental fatigue HAARP activity brings about in the general populace. See, the HAARP installation doesn’t just affect the weather; it also makes people docile, confused and easily controllable.

Now, it is true that, post the quake, the population of Christchurch were fatigued, tired and looking for leadership. They were docile, confused and suspect to control. Now, call me a folk psychologist (and amateur student of the human condition), but I would have thought post any quake, natural or not, that the general populace would be confused, stressed, tired and looking for leadership. These are, I would wager, perfectly normal reactions for people, post a crisis (like, say, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake9), to have. You do not need some additional theory to explain those reactions.

Now, the conspiracy theorists will go on to say that these symptoms were present in the build-up to the quake; the evidence predicts and thus lends support to the thesis that the quake was induced by the HAARP installation. The symptoms, which include itchy eyes, swollen lymph nodes, headaches and the like, are all so vague as to be easily satisfied by any feeling of unease or discomfort in the days prior to the event. If you felt unwell at any point prior to the quake, it seems, then that is proof positive that something was about to happen. This is simply not good enough, as evidence, to be a prediction that lends support to the explanatory hypothesis that the earthquake was caused by the HAARP facility. Predictions need to be novel; they need to be unexpected pieces of data if they are to support such an extraordinary. People feeling generically sick… Well, that happens all the time. Eyeballs leaking blood and cats transforming into all-singing, all-dancing chorus line-ups of Michael York impersonators… Well, if that is what the theory predicts and that had happened, then we would have something to talk about.

Quite how HAARP creates these effects (both physiological and seismically) is due to its manipulation of the Earth’s Magnetic Field (EMF), which is an example of those wonderful hand-waving theses in pseudoscience. We all know that the EMF is important and thus we should be rather worried if it turns out people that people are manipulating it. If you can suggest that some installation can affect that field, well, conspiracy theories will flow from that “fact.” Of course, if you then go away and do the calculations to work out how much energy that would require to have an effect on the scale the conspiracy theorists claim it had (and explain away why Alaska doesn’t seem to suffer cataclysmic disaster every time the facility is fired up), then the theory begins to falter. Much better, I think, to look for some principal cause which is local for the quake.

Mining is a bit of a buzzword at the moment; let us look at doing some exploratory drilling.

Next time: Some other sundry theories about the Christchurch Earthquake of September 4th.


  1. Poor title pun the second. This is just embarrassing.
  2. Clare Swinney has written for Ian Wishart and Jonathan Eisen, which is real pedigree here in the Antipodes. Currently she is watching out for chemtrails in our southern skies, which are part of, apparently, some geo-engineering effort by the rich and powerful.
  3. The grammar of this sentence seems odd; please send help.
  4. I always seem to type “Anthropomorphic” before “Anthropogenic,” which probably proves their point.
  5. A site which you won’t be able to get into unless you sign up; I’ve been lurking there for quite some time now.
  6. Clare Swinney’s Northland New Zealand Chemtrails Watch site is filled with pictures of clouds she and her cronies take to be examples of geo-engineering. No matter what we think of their conspiracy theories, such sites are going to be a internet treasure when it comes to a record of cloud types one day in the future.
  7. I’ve been in one, a very small affair, in Wellington. The children, who I was helping mind, didn’t even look up from their train set.
  8. Exclamation mark used for effect; in the audiobook version of this site Orson Welles intones that last clause.
  9. The conspiracy theorists are also concerned that the magnitude of the quake changed from a reported 7.4 to a 7.1, as if there is something sinister about that, rather than accepting that the initial estimation of the quake’s magnitude was refined as more measurements were received.

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Matthew Dentith wrote his PhD on epistemic issues surrounding belief in conspiracy theories. He is a frequent media commentator on the weird and the wonderful, both locally and internationally. On occasion he can be caught dreaming about wax lions but, mostly, it is rumoured he works for elements of the New World Order.
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11 Responses to The Christchurch Quake Conspiracy (plural) – Part Three – HAARP

  1. frank -- Decoding SwiftHack says:

    Ian Wishart? I can swear I’ve heard that name before — oh wait, there it is.

    – frank

  2. “The grammar of this sentence seems odd; please send help.”

    What you mean is clear, which is the main thing. Maybe the first bit could be recast as: ‘Those who approve of blog entries such as this are “sleepers”: we accept…’

    And yes, those cloud photos of Claire Swinney’s are really nice.

  3. WAYNE MOORE says:

    The website given contains past the religious overtures some of the development of TELSA machine and an earthquake apparently tiggered by him in Mahattan.

    Note from the USGC site record of quakes above 4.5 there was similar activities occuring on Adrianof and Rat Islands in the Alaskan Aleutian Region roughly one-four hour before we had reoccurring skakes in Christchurch ( listed as South Island, New Zealand) this was interesting data, note in the TELSA article (on link above) its says two opposing points are required, at 55n and 42s longitude this would be idea for opposite sites. NAPIER 1931 is mentioned in the article with possible US WARSHIP off coast.
    If you know of the May 1 1995 fireball incident exploding over Eastern Perth about 2AM, sory goes this was tiggered by the Russian-Japanese from an Antartic Base and the pulse travel to Kamchatka Peninsula in Eastern Russia. (
    There are also rumors the Haiti quake early this year was meant for either Iran/Japan. ( didn’t note the link sorry)
    A google this morning bought another link listing countries quick to responde to the Haiti incident and other theory on its causes:
    namely : Did Haiti’s earthquake damage extremist Islam’s foundation?
    “Here is a list of countries that were reported, in the ‘West’ and the ‘East’, as first to respond to Haiti’s calls for assistance:
    United States, United Kingdom, China, Brazil, the European Union, Britain, Germany, Israel, France, Switzerland, South Korea and Canada.”
    Also in same article :For example, following an earthquake in Iran, in June 2002, America sent aid and supplies to Iran. President Bush stated “Human suffering knows no political boundaries”. Following a December 2003 earthquake in Iran, the USA, Russia, Britain, Germany and Spain all offered help.

    Whether TELSA occured in the Christchurch case one will never know for sure, but most of these suspected quakes have depth of 10km or 33km at first.

  4. James says:

    Is Wayne’s comment more parody? Or for real?

    I’ve read it through three times now and can’t even tell what it is he’s trying to say. I love this bit though…

    “There are also rumors the Haiti quake early this year was meant for either Iran/Japan.”

    That’s quite a miss, isn’t it?

  5. I think it is a genuine response. Not sure what to make of it me’self.

  6. thadopestdj says:

    its all true !
    and 9 died !

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  8. ed says:

    People that are awakened have superior intellect, courage and moral fibre. We deal with facts, logic and reason whereas people like the author of this drivel spew fallacy after fallacy couched in smarmy mocking tones.

    As soon as you mentioned denial of Anthropogenic global warming as some sort of defining negative characteristic, I knew the author was an imbecile or a sycophantic gutless coward.
    There is zero evidence whatsoever for AGW and much evidence against it. The cause of climate change has been correctly established by Piers Corbyn and others and it involves solar cycles in conjunction with Solar/Terran magnetic field axial juxtaposition and distance modulated by lunar gravity. The cosmic ions are modulated in the earths atmosphere and affect the jetstream.

    HAARP is well established technology and working with logic and probability and empirical data (something alarmist climate scientists seem unwilling to do) human nature, history and the statistical distribution of earthquakes in recent times makes it highly probable that it’s being used.
    Also 911 is scientifically proven to be an inside job. I have debated many people on this and when I win (as always) with irrefutable science they fall back on “Oh well I leave the science to the scientists” These kind of people would jump off a cliff if the government told them to.

    Sycophantic cowardly slatterns like the author of this article are what’s wrong with society, prepared to spread lies and help murderers to further their career, they are truly evil.

  9. I’m sure you’re a palpable hit at dinner parties.

  10. ed says:

    ” explain away why Alaska doesn’t seem to suffer cataclysmic disaster every time the facility is fired up”

    Once again exposing truly mind-boggling ignorance. HAARP DIRECTS high Frequency radiowaves at sections of the ionosphere, the resulting Extremely low frequency radiowaves that are emitted back down at an angle (not back to the source) resonate in the earth and if pressure exists in a fault, an earthquake ensues.

    By your logic you can’t explain why a person firing a gun doesn’t get shot every time he shoots!

  11. ed says:

    Sorry about the abusive tone, not really appropriate, I’m just fired up about the earthquake as I live in NZ

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