Conspiracy Corner – 11 conspiracy theories that won’t die?

What ho, my lovely campers. Behold, a radio segment on conspiracy theories that won’t die (apparently). This segment was brought to you by the people who sent me this e-mail.

We recently published an article that you may be interested in entitled, “11 Conspiracy Theories That Just Won’t Die” (

After having followed your blog for a while, I feel that this one article would align well with your blog’s subject matter. I thought perhaps you’d be interested in sharing this article with your readers? Thanks, and keep up the great blogging!

Enjoy. I really should get the podcast person at B to upload the segment from the week before last. I say “penis” an awful lot in that show; we were talking about Anthony Weiner, after all.

Next week: Probably my review of the first season of Brad Meltzer’s “Decoded.”

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