Conspiracy Corner – The GCSB Fiasco

Every Thursday, about 8:15am, Matthew talks with Ethan and Zac on 95bFM’s “Breakfast Show” about conspiracy theories.

This week, a well overdue examination of the GCSB story.

This is a story I am liable to come back to (and might even form a part of the soon-to-be-revealed “mystery project”) I’m itching to make public. Certainly, we did not cover nearly enough in today’s segment to make this close to my final words on what is either a series of quite damning cock-ups by both the Government and its security apparatus or it’s a conspiracy by some group to ride roughshod1 over due process in our nationstate.

Further Reading

The Dim-Post’s helpful (conspiratorial) timeline of the GCSB fiasaco.

Hamish Cardwell’s summation of the two, crucial meetings between the GCSB and the New Zealand Police.

Idiot/Savant’s thoughts on the Kitteridge Report into the operation of the GCSB.


  1. A metaphor which will soon be meaningless to most people, I’m assuming.

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