Funding update/Last call!

There are a mere four days before my PledgeMe campaign to go to Miami closes, and there are still a few interesting rewards ready for the taking. For example:

  1. Your name in the acknowledgement of the next book.
  2. A postcard from Miami
  3. Conspiracy Bingo! – The Game
  4. Getting referenced in an episode of The Podcaster’s Guide to the Conspiracy
  5. A cue card and some other piece of memorabilia from TEDxChristchurch
  6. An annotated chapter from the PhD. Think of it as a writer’s commentary.
  7. A poster based on the cover of The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories.
  8. Invites to the book launch for The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories
  9. A spiral bound copy of the pre-submission version of my PhD, including corrections, typos, etc.
  10. Copies of The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories.

So, why not have a little pledge?

About Matthew Dentith

Author of "The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories" (Palgrave Macmillan), Matthew Dentith wrote his PhD on epistemic issues surrounding belief in conspiracy theories. He is a frequent media commentator on the weird and the wonderful, both locally and internationally. On occasion he can be caught dreaming about wax lions but, mostly, it is rumoured he works for elements of the New World Order.