What’s happening this week – 14-8-17

As part of my attempt to rejuvenate the blog, I plan to talk a little about the work I’m up to, in the hope that signalling what I’m working on (and thus reporting on it the next week) will spur me back into regular blog updates. So, this week in work on conspiracies…

  • Finish work on a paper analysing what Lee Basham calls the ‘public trust approach’
  • Revise a paper on reasonable disagreements and conspiracy theories
  • Work on my paper for the `Trust, Expert Opinion and Policy’ conference

Let’s see what I have to report by this time next week!

Hello world

"Hello world" is/was the default first post on a blog, and it feels very much as if I have been neglecting this blog over the last year. Prior to coming to Bucharest I ensured (for the most part) that every Monday would feature a new post. SInce arriving here… Well, I think I've written about four posts in total (I'm ignoring posting the links to the podcast; that's more cross-promotion than anything else).

Why the relative silence? Well, because I currently have a job where writing is my main endeavour, and the purpose of that writing is to get published in journals. So, when I'm writing, I'm writing for work; blogging on "company" time seems wasteful. When I get home from work the last thing I want to do is write; that was the purpose of the day, after all, and these CW shows won't watch themselves. So, the blog has taken a bit of a backseat… My, the litany of metaphors I'm trying to avoid here is legion; this is what happens when you spend the day in academic prose mode. It leads to aphorism leakage in the rest of our life.

Anyway, my silence has been productive; this year I've had three articles accepted for publication in journals, have three articles doing the rounds at journals,proposed a new book (an edited volume), worked on two book chapters, and written a host of material for the SERRC. I've been writing a lot, just not here.

But given I'm not writing here, I'm beginning to wonder what the purpose of this blog is. I either need to get back into the mode of producing novel content for it, or archive the bally thing and move on. I don't really want to do the latter, but I've yet to come up with a satisfactory plan for the former. I'm going to play around with a few ideas over the coming weeks and see what suits me best.