About Matthew Dentith

Author of "The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories" (Palgrave Macmillan), Matthew Dentith wrote his PhD on epistemic issues surrounding belief in conspiracy theories. He is a frequent media commentator on the weird and the wonderful, both locally and internationally. On occasion he can be caught dreaming about wax lions but, mostly, it is rumoured he works for elements of the New World Order.

In the Future there Will Be Robots…

…and the robots came to visit today.

Shahin Maghsoudi, a former student of the Philosophy Department and Technical Director of robot-hosting.com has developed robots for use as lecturing assistants. Now I don’t know about you, but to me the idea of a robot lecturing assistant fills with me with images… Images of a mighty bloodbath as an endo-skeleton war-machine marches into a lecture hall. It pauses only briefly before killing the whelps and maiming anyone who dares to run away. A deathly silence falls over the room as it crushes the lecturer between its titanium thighs before stating, in its Vin Diesel voice, that now is the time to learn about Modus Ponens…

Before spraying the room with napalm.

That is a robot.

Which is why I must report with some degree of disillusionment that the robot I cheerfully went to see today (my Department is considering implementing them) was a Half-Life 2-esque character model.

And all she did was give out canned responses when you clicked on a box.

The future is arriving and it’s yesterday’s model.

More on the ‘Lie’

The problem with deceit is that it is the ultimate weapon.

Take my ‘lie.’ When things aren’t going smoothly it becomes more than mere deceit. At these moments it is a potential weapon, the first article of war that burns within me.

And it only serves to make matters all the more worse.

As a weapon its power is legion. When she pisses me off it urges me to tell her. To reveal that I never intended to touch her hand that fateful night. To mention that what she takes to be the start of our relationship was just… an accident.

And that urge is pure vengeance.

The ‘lie’ now becomes a set of words, designed to hurt.

And what scares me is that I would use them without any regard for my own preservation…

Now she might shrug it off (given roses and chocolates and Baileys…). But no matter how happy we might then seem the ‘lie’ would live on.

In both of us.

And when the tables turn, and they would, she would use the ‘lie’ against me.

Because my words would fester in her heart from then on, and thus my vengeance would be the undoing of everything.

So much for the ‘truth…’

These things happen…

Dear Mr. Dentith

I recently saw Lom Wang who is suffers from backpain. I treated a needles in his lower region – he will be unable to sit test.

Dr. Law


“I need an A for this course.”

“No, you want an A. You don’t need an A; what you need is a passing grade… Like a C-.”

“I have to get into Law next semester.”

“Admirable. So you’ve come to ask after what to study for the next test…”

“No, I just want you to give me an A.”

“Really? Tell you what, you study really hard for the next test and get full marks…”

“But I’ve failed the course…”

“Don’t be silly; the last test is worth 40%… What did you get for the other tests?”

“I didn’t sit them.”

“… Sorry, why should I give you this A?”

“I have to get into Law next semester or my parents will kill me.”

“I’d recommend police protection then.”

“Do we have any larger bulldog clips? Ah, thanks, that’ll do nicely. Now I just need to find some nipples to pitch.”

Sex vs Gratuitous Violence

So last night one of our lovely below average current affairs items does another boring item on how video games are turning our children into serial killers. Now most people already know where they stand on this, I wasn’t really paying any attention.

Until the mummy who let her 7 yr old play GTA came on. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with this. Apparently she knows exactly what her darling child is thinking and he’s a good boy! Yet she seemed quite indignant when the reporter asked her if she would ever let her child watch porn.

Which got me thinking. Would I prefer my child to watch close ups of peoples genitals, or pretend to blow peoples brains out?

It’s kind of strange that there are people willing to let their children act out activities that they find completely abhorent in real life, yet they would completely lose it if they found them watching an activity that would be perfectly normal for them to partake in when they are older.

Personally I would confiscate any porn or violent games I found my child in possesion of, but I still find it unsettling that I would probably prefer it if they were pretending to be gun wielding LA gangsters.