Article – Secrecy and Conspiracy

What’s this? Another article? This time co-written with the wonderful Martin Orr? Published in Episteme? My, but aren’t we lucky?

Abstract: In the literature on conspiracy theories, the least contentious part of the academic discourse would appear to be what we mean by a “conspiracy”: a secretive plot between two or more people toward some end. Yet what, exactly, is the connection between something being a conspiracy and it being secret? Is it possible to conspire without also engaging in secretive behavior? To dissect the role of secrecy in conspiracies – and thus contribute to the larger debate on the epistemology of conspiracy theories – we define the concepts of “conspiracy,” “conspirator,” and “secret,” and argue that while conspirators might typically be thought to commit to keeping secrets once their conspiracy is underway, the idea that conspiracies are necessarily secretive to start with is not as obvious as previously thought.

Read it online here.“>here.

Replying to social scientists…

‘What have you been working on recently, M?’, some of of could at least bother to ask. ‘Replying to social scientists!’ I would doubtless reply. Indeed, you can see said reply here (co-written with the wonderful Martin Orr, of Boise State, Idaho). I fully expect this to become some kind of chain letter, so please, share it with your friends. The last person to break the chain was accused of mental pathologies, and we wouldn’t want that, now, would we?