Episode 38 – The Lupus of Conspiracy Theories

In this week’s episode, Josh and meself fisk this list of 42 supposedly proven false flag operations. I, at some point, wax lyrical about the terrible Cole Hauser film “Paparazzi”, which doesn’t need to be seen (but should be watched anyway).

Episode 37 – President Evil

Josh came up with the title; I tried my best to invoke the game that inspired it, much to Josh’s (faux) nonchalance.

Anyway, this week we discussed conspiracy theories about US presidents and other world leaders. I, for one, found the heat today to adversely affect my vocab.

Well, that’s my excuse for tonight’s blunders, anyway.

Episode 36 – You Can’t Spell Conspiracism Without Racism

The most recent episode of the Podcaster’s Guide to the Conspiracy is up on Podbean. You can listen in via this link (or via the widget on the sidebar). In this week’s episode we cover the Celtic New Zealand thesis, so expect a lot of talk about racism.

An update on the Podcaster’s Guide to the Conspiracy

Long time listeners will be interested to hear that we’ve decided to go commercial… Well, we’ve decided to pay for podcast hosting because the system we had initially set up was a) producing a wonky RSS feed and b) running out of space. So, from this week onwards you can find the Podcaster’s Guide to the Conspriacy over at Podbean here. You might also want to update your RSS podcast app to point to: http://conspiracism.podbean.com/feed/

(Don’t worry about the iTunes feed; that hasn’t changed.)

One benefit of moving to a more bespoke solution is that Josh and I will finally get to see just how few of you are listening. Tune in next week when we just sigh and ask “What’s it all about, Alfie?”

Oh, and this week’s episode can be listened to via this funky HTML5 player!