Firstline – 21st of December, 2012

Media 3 “2012 Doomsday Conspiracy Theories” – 10:25am, 22/12/2012, TV3

Interview with Duncan Garner (starts about twelve minutes in) – 3:55pm, 19/12/2012, Radio Live

[mejsaudio mp3 src=”http://rlarchive.mediaworks.co.nz/2012.12.19-14.45.00-D.mp3″]

The last (for 2012) bFM segment – 8:15am, 20/12/2012, 95bFM

[mejsaudio mp3 src=”http://95bfm.co.nz/assets/sm/209269/3/Conspiracy201212.mp3″]

Interview with Mike Hoskings (starts about four minutes in) – 7:15am, 21/12/2012, NewsTalk ZB

[mejsaudio mp3 src=”http://content.radionetwork.co.nz/weekondemand/auckland/60715.mp3″]

Irish Side of the Moon – Talking about the case of Pernilla Hagberg and her revelations about Sweden’s role in the dissemination of Chemtrails with Michael Leddy

[mejsaudio mp3 src=”http://www.theirishsideofthemoon.org/shows/isidemodule02.mp3″]

Another life form – or just Chinese lanterns in our skies? – Te Waha Nui, May 26, 2012