Other Radio Work

National Radio interview with Kathryn Ryan

Media available here.

Showtunes on 95bFM with Mohamed Hassan

Weekend Variety interview with Graeme Hill on RadioLive


The Irish Side of the Moon

For more information about “The Irish Side of the Moon”, a show which covers a broad spectrum of interesting claims, conspiratorial and non-conspiratorial, visit their website here.

Talking about the thesis with Michael Leddy back in 2011

[mejsaudio mp3 src=”http://www.hipcast.com/export/Pf4504232f2cc652836132cafb0da0b56Z118QVREYGtx.mp3″]

Talking about the case of Pernilla Hagberg and her revelations about Sweden’s role in the dissemination of Chemtrails with Michael Leddy back in 2012

[mejsaudio mp3 src=”http://www.theirishsideofthemoon.org/shows/isidemodule02.mp3″]

2012 Doomsday Prophecies

Interview with Duncan Garner (starts about twelve minutes in) – 3:55pm, 19/12/2012, Radio Live

[mejsaudio mp3 src=”http://rlarchive.mediaworks.co.nz/2012.12.19-14.45.00-D.mp3″]

The last (for 2012) bFM segment – 8:15am, 20/12/2012, 95bFM

[mejsaudio mp3 src=”http://95bfm.co.nz/assets/sm/209269/3/Conspiracy201212.mp3″]

Interview with Mike Hoskings (starts about four minutes in) – 7:15am, 21/12/2012, NewsTalk ZB

[mejsaudio mp3 src=”http://content.radionetwork.co.nz/weekondemand/auckland/60715.mp3″]

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