Almost time to start making an archive page for my previous additions to the narrative… Almost.
     Anyway… I’ve been cleaning out the document folders on the desktop PC and found this little gem that was going to be a story once, but never got worked on:

The room contained thirty monkeys, one of which was a murderer.
     “Small things,” I said to the Baroness, “that is what I tend to notice. The minuatie of the situation, the facial ticks, the forced tones of speech. All scientific, I might add. No mumbo-jumbo.”
     “I should hope so,” she said, not believing a thing I had just said.

Or there is this beginning to a story starring the intrepid explorer, Thumper McKensey:

Twas a summer eve, if memory serves correctly, when Fritzy-Boy poured himself into my rooms on Barnyard Street. He had been missing for something over four months and I was, truth be told, starting to get a little concerned.

Well, yes..

More Juvenilia

I’ve just updated the ‘Short Fiction’ page with some more of my very early writing efforts, namely ‘Painful Memories’ and ‘Party Games’.
     It has been a very productive day. Thank you to the nameless party that has, by efforts not of their planning or my want, has made this spate of productivity possible.
     Not that it makes it all alright, but it helps.

Another Short Short

Due to underwhelming demand I have added another piece to my ‘Sundry Fiction Extravaganza!’
     Don’t all rush here all at once now.
     Anyway, a little background as to what the ‘Sundry…’ material is…
     Most of my work is stored on a folder in various disk images scattered over East Sheckley, and it is intended that these pieces should make their way into the wide world of print, or die trying.
     Which is to say that I write a lot more than ever gets posted on this site.
     No matter what the world would like you to think, web-publishing (self web-publishing, I should add) is not held in that high an esteem by the literary world. Yes, famous authors can post their stories, but that’s because they have an established fan base. Upstarts, like myself, could well flood the net with material, but would it be very good?
     The answer to that is no. Oh, there is lots of good fiction online; visit ‘Lies’ to read some of it. But that isn’t the norm. The norm is for stories to be crap.
     Not a very good norm, is it? No…
     Thus most of my work is intended for a peer-reviewed print-based system.
     But not everything I write will be suitable for print. Partially because I haven’t read every journal, and thus often don’t know of a suitable market, sometimes because the work is too short.
     But often I just want to play with an idea, or a set of character types… Or just something.
     So I post it here, in its first draft nature.
     That is all.

P.S. Will the person(s) who have been reading ‘Life after Death’ please contact me?

P.P.S. And finally, will that certain person who is keeping tabs on this page and my updates but isn’t keeping contact with me at least send an e-mail in re their well being. We should probably talk.