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A reminder to all those who might be interested that the Conspiracy Theories course is still open for your enrolment. So sign up, one and all, for a fun-filled six […]

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ARI has shipped 1.1 million books as part of the “Free Books for Teachers” program. So if the books have a lifespan of four to five years, then four to […]

CCE (UoA) – Conspiracy Theories: Philosophy and Critical Thinking

A reminder… Class Number: 77961 When: 6 sessions, Wednesday 23 July – 27 August, 10am – 12pm Where: Room 218, Level 2, Building No. 810, 1 – 11 Short Street […]

The Dentith Files – Critical Thinking

Between 2008 and 2010, Matthew Dentith first joined 95bFM’s Simon Pound, then José Barbosa, on Sunday mornings to talk about conspiracy theories. Listen, as they say, again! Well, it was […]