Where you, the readers, can decide…

So, I now have a fortnightly slot on Simon Pound’s Sunday Breakfast show on 95bFM. A chin wag with Simon on Conspiracies and their Theories with a little light philosophising thrown in for good measure. The question is, what should I be talking about. Conspiracy Theories, obviously, but which ones? What kind of material? Should I be talking about crackpot theories or should I dissect the mainstream, even vaguely plausible, ones? What, in essence, would you have me talk about, on, or with?

I really do want to know. Here is your chance to shape just how these sessions will go.

Question: New Zealand’s Reserve Bank

Because a) I’m in the midst of typing up notes for a course, b) because I’m too lazy to search for the information and c) I’m curious to see whether I can distribute my data searching I ask the following:What is the status of New Zealand’s Reserve Bank? How is it run? How is the money created? More importntly, anyone know any Conspiracy Theories about New Zealand’s Reserve Bank?